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A Gentlemen's Cocktail is a drink that began as an accident, and became a huge sensation. As martini's use olive juice,and screw-drivers use orange juice, NOW the Gentlemen's Cocktail uses PICKLE juice. The cocktail is made up of 4 shots vodka (any vodka will do ), then one shot of a DIFFERENT type of vodka, then fill the remainder of the glass with pickle juice (from any pickle jar whatsoever, include seeds for flavor). Add ice, as well as a whole pickle into the glass for appearence. There, you have a gentlemens cocktail. Though it DOES sound rather obscure, give it a try, and you WILL NOT be disappointed.
"Bartender, I'm in the mood for something with a touch of class, and a touch of craziness. How about a The Gentlemen's Cocktail."
by Vandehlay May 01, 2009
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