The game is to be sold, NOT to be told. Let me explain; you are meant to make money when you are in the game but you are not suppose to openly discuss the game you are in. This is due to the fact that it will eventually lead to you being ejected from the game. For you see, when you are a player in the game, all the other players in the game have no choice but to "player hate" on you. There is a direct correlation to the amount of hate you receive from other players in the game with how much "weight" you carry in the game. If you are "heavy" in the game, expect a proportional amount of hate from other players in the game. The only way to limit the amount of "player haters" is to either: not discuss the game you are in (it is not to be told), or to take player haters out the Game (i.e. see them deceased). If you do go against this rule of the game and you are ejected from the game, you must realize that it will be extremely difficult to re-enter the game. This is due to another fundamental rule of the game: The game does not wait. Given that the game does not wait and that you have been ejected from the game, you will have to seriously play catch up to re-enter the game. In some instances, it is impossible to re-enter the game. I hope this clarifies the rule about the game being sold and not told.
by AP Money & Machate July 28, 2010
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