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The affect that a Disney/Pixar movie has on your life; This affect can last anywhere between days, weeks, months, even years. During this affect, you might find it hard to go out in public. You will always have the urge to burst out into a full chorus song and dance, similar to the song that was performed in the movie. Unfortunately, the only cure for this affect is to shut down Disney, and destroy every movie that Disney/Pixar has ever made, but we all know that will never you're pretty much screwed. So instead of sucking it up and locking yourself away from humanity, just go outside; Embrace your Disney side; Even though you might think that no one knows what you are going through, just remember, anyone who has ever watched a Disney movie has gone through this affect.
Carlos: Wow, Frozen was a pretty cool movie! Elsa is so hot! And it had so many great songs!
Tim: I know, right ?
*Jim Bob enters the room excitedly*
Jim Bob: Guys! Come look! It's snowing! We should go build a snow man!!!
*Carlos and Tim look nervously into each other's eyes*
Tim: ....... It's coming.
Carlos, Tim: ~DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????????????~
Jim Bob: OH NO!!!!! It's the Disney Affect
by maddie_nicole March 06, 2016
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