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The Charizard Effect (Ch-Ar-eh-zar-ed Effekt) is when two or more people are in a similar situation with similar odds, and one party is exceptionally fortunate in comparison. Common when entering new en devours.
Original Derivation:

--Scenario: Friend 1 and Friend 2 purchase their first Pokemon Booster Packs.

Friend 1: *Opens package* Dude! I got a holographic Charizard! In my first ever booster pack!

Friend 2: Sweet! *Opens package* I only got a Squirtle...that is just my luck.

Later to be coined - "The Charizard Effect"
by Rockymountainman88769 September 28, 2011
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The effect where an individual does not put in the effort because the task or duty required is too easy or simple. The name of this effect comes from the first season of Pokemon where Ash's Charizard refuses to battle against weak Pokemon.
Person I:
How'd you get a C in English but an A in Physics?

Person II:
It was The Charizard Effect, English had simple material but it was soo tedious!
by EGP Red Reaper February 15, 2017
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