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The proven theory that many boy scouts that continue to Eagle Scoutdom have nothing better to do with their lives. After they gain the title of "Eagle Scout" they believe they have all power in the world and are the rulers of everyone alive, even though they don't and the title of "Eagle Scout" will earn them nothing. This causes them to seek jobs with power, or their idea of power over others, such as a college dorm Resident Advisor (RA).
Guy1: Man, Paul is the worst RA ever. He just thinks he has power over everyone in the hall simply because he's the RA. He commands people around to clean up and turn their music down. He's trying to steal the college experience away from us.

Guy2: He was telling me he was an Eagle Scout yesterday.

Guy3: That's a for sure case of the Boy Scout Complex. Notice how he thinks he owns everybody under his rule even though he has a stupid petty job as a college dorm RA.
by WWIIJEEPMASTER December 10, 2009
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