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Once upon a time, in a land quite near there lived a Bohemian Princess, stunning to behold. All whom were blesses to gaze upon her fell instantly and passionately in love. She had olive skin that glowed, soft and dark eyes such as a doe, shiny tresses of hair that flowed constantly as if she were caught in a delicious breeze and is black as ebony. A mouth shaped so beautifully that when it opened to release a melodic laugh or kind hearted speech, as it often did, all mortals were stunned to silence. Yes, she is indeed immortal, and she would for eternity, oversee the province of Holders, in the mystical land of Homeport. The Princess was not a vampire, just a glorious female God saw fit to breathe eternal life into for he had spent more time in the making of the princess than all of his other creatures on the earth....combined.
by The Bohemian Princess February 24, 2010
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