Anything that is better than a regular "deal."

Someone who gets "the best deals" is usally the bomb, a playa, or some kind of genius.

You are delt a Royal Flush.
You just got "the best deals" on that hand.
"Oh yeah D. Blaise, you think you got some deals? Jesse and I are about to get the best deals, your deals were nothing compared to the best deals we are about to get."

"Oh man, I just high-fived the president in the face by mistake, now I'm going to jail, I did NOT get the best deals."
by Rawabellel March 3, 2007
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When you're able to work anyone, and you're always getting what you want


Something that wasn't free, but you got it free
"yeah I can hook it up bitch, I always get the best deals"


If you were to get something half price, or into a movie free, you just got the best deals
by Reuballs February 27, 2007
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