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A thav ( Pronounced Tav) is defined as a a individual(s) who come from a specific Asian ethnic background e.g. India, Sri lanka, Pakistan. A Thav will also decide to wear a certain dress code which represents chavy "gangsters" or there "endz dey rep" the majority of the time.
A thav will also have a specific hair style which includes sideburns which will somewhat overlap the jaw bone, Thavs also tend to spike there hair upwards while purchasing a £1.50 rectangle ear stud which hangs off there ear. Thav's also tend to wear there trousers very low which doesn't enable to them to walk correctly, resulting in them looking constipated.
A example of a Thav ( Tamil Chav ) would include Listening to Jay Sean and Juggy D on loud speaker by using there k750i next to there ear, flirt with fake bollywood stars on the street, while smoking shisha next to a cash and carry convenience store.

For example: Yo fam watz gd, wanna cum wid me and moi manz 2 da amir khan fight, gonna be ber live fam"
by Jordankkeeee;'. June 02, 2009
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