-The girl who eats hot Cheetos and Takis in class and wears cheap, ugly clothing. They sometimes will break the dress code for fun or wear bandanas as headbands to look cool. This girl calls other people a hoe even when she is a hoe. And refers to her friends by "best friend", they also talking in slang all the time so no one can understand them. Usually they wear Filas and heavy ugly shoes. They usually are white or tan but call themselves 'dark" or "black". They have big hoops and try to look as cool as possible.
-"Look at Sophia, she's that one ghetto girl!"
-"She definitely breaking the rules, so ghetto, shes that one ghetto girl."
-"It's funny how she thinks shes cool, but shes just that one ghetto girl wannabe"
by Bloody Fucking Tampons August 21, 2019
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