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Common beginning or ending to a sentence. It can serve to:

1. provide an excuse for going on a spending splurge and buying things at their lowest prices ever.
2. suggest a sarcastic tone of frustration with work (cut in hours, cut in pay, cut in benefits, downsizing, laid off).
3. add to the delusional lie that the economy is getting better because of being fixated on greed and material possessions.
4. express serious concern for not having enough to live on.

For those still in denial that THE ECONOMY HAS ALREADY CRASHED AND IS JUST BEING PUMPED FULL OF MONEY TO KEEP IT AFLOAT, see: when the economy picks up
1. Look at all the stuff I bought at dirt cheap prices, thanks to the economy.
2. Thanks to the economy, my full-time job is giving me part-time hours, we lost ten employees, and no more company picnics.
3. Thanks to the economy, we have money and nice things we can buy.
4. Our grocery limit each week is only twenty dollars, thanks to the economy.
by Selective January 20, 2011
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