*not to be confused with the term sexually molest.

it's a phrase i started saying to most of the female people online (mainly the ones i talk to alot) to let them know i was going to message them. it can be used in the good way or bad way.
good way: "hey, you mind if i textually molest you for a minute?"

bad way: "you look good there. i'm going to have to textually molest you ;)"
by Jimmy Dallas July 12, 2006
A text message that contains someones body part you'd rather not see.
OMG, Joe just sent me a text of his penis!

He just textually molested me!
by Drew Sinclare March 21, 2010
16 NEW MESSAGES: Girl anybody ever tell you, you look ike a forty ounce? Ya cuz you lookin good to me.

Girl: Oh my gawd enough with the textual molestation!
by Dave Damon July 3, 2015