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A "teacher" who doesn't actually know how to teach so he/she just has students read out of the textbook, memorize vocab words from the textbook and answer review questions from the textbook. Now many "textbook teachers" often use documentaries in place or with of the textbook. On rare cases a decent teacher will resort to a textbook teacher like teaching strategy because the class is to immature to handle anything else, but in 90% of cases the teacher is just lazy or stupid. These teachers classes are undoubtedly the most boring classes you'll have, and make an ideal period for napping, texting, and finishing work for other classes.
Steve: Wow, that chemistry experiment was so awesome, that kid who sits next to me almost lit the whole room on fire. It was sick! Did your class do it?

Joe: No we just read the directions for the experiment in the textbook in class. Mr. Smith is kind of a textbook teacher.

Steve: That sucks.
by Polexia December 14, 2009
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