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Text Vibing is when two people are on the same page, or the same texting level. They are able to send vague obscure texts and the other person will still know exactly what they're talking about. They will also know the deeper meaning behind the message to a subconscious level. This is when, what actually causes the vibing aspect, takes place. Ya see, Marky Mark receives confirmation requests if these two parties are feeling these Good Vibrations. He then confirms or denies if they deserve to be apart of this Marky Mark Theory. When he confirms the Good Vibrations, that is when the two parties reach a whole new texting level, hence, Text Vibing.
Murph: I'll call him until his phone dies, like an angered over jealous untrusting girlfriend.
Ally: So basically your ex?
Murph: Oh my God! That's the reason I was using that example!
Marky Mark: C'mon C'mon! Feel it Feel it!
by Shrug n Ally-Dizzle December 17, 2013
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