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An unpleasant sweaty experience that happens in the chode/anus region after sitting for too long, or perhaps walking around Six Flags Over Texas. Basically uncontrollable sweating of the ass. Typically referred to as "Swamp Ass" however when in the state of Texas everything is bigger, and this is no exception; Swamp ass is far worse in Texas.

Also Texas Swamp Ass is a alcoholic beverage created by C Guido and C Chamb don't fuck around with that B-Chamb, the drink consists of kaluha, kettle one vodka, and chocolate milk.
P-Tricky: Hey homeboy, let's walk over to the Texas Giant yo.

C-Money: You have to give me a few seconds, I got a serious case of Texas Swamp Ass right about now.


C: What drink are you making? I just want to pour them all over me.

P: Why it's Texas Swamp Ass, of course. You know how I be.
by PacoCarnez April 12, 2011
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