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Firstly, you need to find a pregnant transgender sugar daddy. This can be done anywhere, but preferably Texas. You begin by taking them to a public pizza restaurant (the public bit is the fun part) and sitting down and ordering a large Texas BBQ pizza to share. You start feeding each other pizza and then inserting some into a piping bag that you brought with you. Put the piping bag aside while the trans sugar daddy encourages their boobs to lactate. They pull their top up and lactate into the piping bag. Then you resume feeding each other, but now using the piping bag with the breastmilk and pizza. After this many people will proceed to fuck whilst feeding each other with the piping bag, sometimes at home or sometimes at the public pizza place. This act is frowned upon largely and you need to be granted special permission by Caitlin Jenner in order to perform the act. The act must be completed in silence and the participants must not talk to each other during the process.
Oh boy Johnny, did you see that Texas bbq sugardaddy piping bag breastmilking in the pizza place the other day?!
by mothertruckerdude6969 June 12, 2018
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