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1. Insulting Aryan-Bengali slang for Dravidian Blacks or Shudras. 2. Literally, it means "tamarind", the imli or Tamarindus Indica, a very sour dark fruit with black seeds.

When applied to Dravidians, it refers to the blackness of their skins, akin to the black colour of tamarind seeds. It is offensive as it also refers to the sour & salty taste of the thick Negro-Dravidian epidermis (skin), which is naturally oily & sweaty as an evolutionary adaptation to the Dravidian climate. The most offensive connotation, however, is to the pungent acidic odour exuded when the tamarind is distilled to create chutney, which this Bengali slang phrase takes as alluding to the strong body fragrance of the Negroid-Australoid Dravidians. This is then extended to imply that Dravidoids have a "sour", knavish or crooked character. Dialectal Bengali variants & differing spellings include "tentool", "tentul", "thethool" & "tentula".
1) Basu: Time to move out of our mohalla - too many smelly Tetools!

2) Mukherjee: I hate those blacky bodjat Tentul horomjodas (low-born Dravidian bastards)!
Chatterjee: So do I! I can't stand the stench of those perspiring jobless Tentul Kalos (blackies)!

3) Pradeep Mukhopadhyay: Dada, why are you so angry today?
Sandeep Bandopadhyay: Shola! My Bibi left me for a damned sweaty Tetool!
Pradeep Mukhopadhyay: That Khanki! I just cannot understand why our fair & lovely Aryan Bengali women like those ugly stinking Kalo (black) Madrasis so much!
Sandeep Bandopadhyay: She said it's because those Tetools have dhons (penises) as long as their sur-names!

4) "Bengalee parochialism finds expression of contempt against the ethnic Marwaris, Biharis, Madrasis and Oriyas in the form {of}, say, Maura, Khotta, Tentul & Ure." ('Communalism, ethnicity, and state politics', Sajal Basu. Delhi: Rawat Publicatns., 2000, p.54)

5) "tΔ“Γ±tula n. tamarind. a. shaped like a pod of tamarind ...; as dark-coloured as a ripe tamarind seed ...; very sour; knavish" ('Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary'. Sailendra Biswas. 3rd ed. Calcutta: Sahitya Samsad, 2000., p.467)

6) q: Why do Tetools smell so awful ?
a: So blind people can hate them too! - Dravidian Joke in Bengal

7) q: What is the difference between a Tetool & a bucket of shit ?
a: The bucket. - Dravidian Joke in Bengal
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 26, 2010
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