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Person from the voice USA. has past band experience with bands called Driveblind and Lotus Crush. Classic rock singer. Finished the voice as a runner up, currently being offered several record deals from many companies.

Terry and his first band Driveblind had their big break when they got to record their first self titled album. The album did fairly well. The band split in 2008 after releasing and recording a 4 song EP.

Had more success in his more recent band Lotus Crush. The band features some members from the rock band candle box. Great band. Their album is titled half light morning.

Terry auditioned for the voice USA on august 1 2012. 3 out of four judges turned around for his rendition of the who's baba O'Riley. Terry made it as the runner up to the show. Terry made it that far in my opinion because he has a fan base with a lot of teen age girls who vote their fingers off.

Terry became very famous in the voice and is known for his classic rock voice like no other, his sexy Scottish accent, awesome hair style, handsome looks and great sense of humor. Also has a pretty wife and a cute 6 year old son named Liam.
"hey did you hear? Terry McDermott got another record deal offer."

"I'm glad he did. I can't wait to buy his album! I wonder when it will come out!"
by Terrymcwinehouse777 December 22, 2012
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