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Terrillip is the romantic paring between Terrance and Phillip. T and P ( how I will now address them cus I’m lazy af ) are from the Comedy Centrals show South Park that was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. T and P and two Canadian comedians that star in their own show on the Canadian channel ( the only channel in Canada ). The boys in the show watch them regularly and occasionally the two get their own episode. The South Park fan base like to ship the two mostly because the show has hinted at it multiple times. For example in season two, episode one, When Scott, another Canadian who’s also a dick, wishes cancer apond the two. Terrance takes this as hating them but Phillip believes he’s homophoic. Terrance then addressed that there not gay leaving Phillip in a state of shock. Another hint was in the episode ‘It Hits The Fan’, when Kyle explains that say shit on television is not a big deal and it’s like when they had the first male to male kiss in Terrance and Phillip. Yes, it could be two other guys but i don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble. The only thing going against the ship is the fact that Terrance and Phillip are married to the queef sisters and they are now brothers in law ( I believe ). How ever reality never stops ships so I say let it sail~
“I think Terrillip is such a cute ship~~~~”
wtf u yaio loving shit”
by youbetterstop June 27, 2018
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