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A phobia in which the person has a paralyzing fear of answering the phone believing that it may cause him/her to exit The Matrix.

This is one of the more recent phobias that has come to light, with an obvious connection to the Matrix movie trilogy.

In these films people from the real world are able to "jack in" to the Matrix a ficitonal simulated version of Earth as it once was. These people then exit the Matrix via ringing telephones that their "operators" send them to. It can only be assumed that said operators stream a code of some sort into the ringing phone that allows people to break connection with the Matrix.

People with this phobia may also innately be afraid of large underground cave orgies
I don't hangout with James anymore because I can never get him on the phone to make plans. Ever since he saw The Matrix he's been afflicted with Terminatrix Telephobia.

I don't think he likes the idea of a world where Keanu Reeves is seen as the last bastion of hope.
by DameonTower March 30, 2011
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