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The act of mazturbating outdoors in an inflatable kiddy pool. The act is usually undertaken as an expression of contentment, happiness and sexual monstrosity. Best performed on a hot day with the sun on ones face or shoulders.

Not to be confused with a Hot Hector, which is essentially the same but in a kiddy pool full of your own urine - and sometimes amongst your own floating poop.
DaveP : Hey man, have you heard the lastest song from Calvin Harris? I think it's pretty HOLY FUCK ARE YOU JACKING OFF???

GreggR: Yeah broooo. It's a nice sunny day, im feeling good and I have a grotesque compulsive desire to pump my skin flute. Time for a Tepid Hector!

DaveP: You're sick!

GreggR: Yeah well it's happening, I'm pumping the dick well right now. So you can sit there and watch our you can fuck off. Shit cunt.

GreggR: And by the way Calvin Harris sucks.
by SlenderJed May 30, 2017
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