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Opening quotes from the H.B.O episodes:

Episode 1 The Search for Inspirado

"Warning! if you want your asses blown out stay in the room"

Episode 2 Angel In Disguise

"Black sabbath,iron maiden and molly hatchet could not be here tonight but they all had sex and are proud to pronounce the birth of their two headed baby tenacious d"

Episode 2 The Greatest Song in the World


Episode 3 The Fan

"Caution! the surge in general of rock warns that viewing this next band is equal to twenety-nine orgasams"

Episode 4 Death of the Dream

"Stick around if you don't mine some cream in your genes"

Episode 5 Road Gig

"Attention! if your oulating move away from the stage because this band are so potont just siting near them can get you pregnant"

Start of "History of tenacious d"

"Have you ever had your ass waxed,its hurts but then it feels good really good well that a lot like our next act"
All from the starting of Tenacious d HBO episodes
by John Concannon June 16, 2006
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