Along with Disco Demolition Night, one of the stupidest nights in baseball history. June 4, 1974, Cleveland Stadium, Ohio. The Cleveland Indians were playing the Texas Rangers, and the Indians unwisely offered all the beer you can drink for ten cents. Many fans showed up drunk/stoned. Nonetheless, the game managed to make its way to the bottom of the ninth inning, tied 5-5. Fans had already been causing nonsense, and a fan decided to jump onto the field and steal a Texas baseball cap. The Rangers and drunk fans then swarmed the field, leading to a WWE style melee with hundreds of participants. An umpire forfeited the game to Texas and got bonked on the head with a seat.
Question: Which did you like better, Disco Demolition Night or Ten Cent Beer Night?
Answer: I guess the disco thing; everyone had a hangover after Ten Cent Beer Night.
by Nudnikdude November 19, 2013