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A Temujin Complex is identical to the term "Napoleon Complex", which describes someone (typically a man) who is short, and tries to overcompensate for it in some way. The term "Napoleon Complex" is in fact historically inaccurate, due to the fact that Napoleon was not short, he was actually 5'6", which was average height in that era. Temujin (Better know as Genghis Khan) on the other hand, was 5'1", which was short for his era. Genghis' military accomplishments also dwarf Napoleons, especially since Genghis ruled over most of what is now Russia. In fact, the nomadic tribes that would inhabit that land after Temujin's death would later be known as the Russians, who of course were consistently outfought, but never conquered, by Napoleon.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, check out that short guy over there trying to impress the hot chick with his magic tricks."

Guy 2: "Yeah bro, that guys has a total Temujin Complex."
by Destroyer25 March 04, 2011
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