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A teenager (13-19) (13-17) is a teenager but that one person is always there to call them a kid when they have waited 13 years to finnaly get a step cl9ser to be an adult and step out of the "Kid Zone" they still get treated like a kid. Eat with the 10 year olds not being able to get more freedom a plus is getting to stay up an hour later than the other "kids" but then that person will bring up you can't do it because your a kid. But your 13+ and I'm that number is the word TEEN so get it correct were are not kids we ARE TEENAGERS!!!
Jess: You can't do that your a kid.
13+: I am a teenager not a kid

Jess: your still a kid
Jess: call your self a teenager kid
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by Alfred from Batman J31P July 10, 2018
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