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When a teenager is feeling gloomy for one reason or another. Can deal with love, homework, or other typical teenage problems, like mood swings in general. Will usually pass in a couple days or less. Sometimes lasts longer, the bigger the issue.

Does not have to do with life-changing problems, like parents divorce, death of family members, etc.
Person 1: I was rejected, and now I am feeling sad. Am I getting depressed, like, seriously?

Person 2: No, you probably just have a case of Teenage Gloomies.


Person 1: Urgh, I can't control my feelings anymore! I'm going from sad to happy to sad again in a minute! Am I getting some sort of clinical depression?

Person 2: Nah, you just have a bad case of the Teenage Gloomies. It'll pass.
by pockymousie March 24, 2009
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