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(n): The utter display of ignorance and laziness protrayed by todays youth due to the onslaught of technology. Usually seen in any form of screen text communication between teens (as well as some adults trying to look cool) and the rest of the free world. Denoted by its lack of vowel use completely, substituted by numbers, and use of repeating last letters. Many times characters such as "&" and "@" will be used as well. Not directed at commonly used shorthands like LOL and FTW. See examples!
Teen "Text" Typing is Awesome!!
"Heyyyyy!!! Wuz up wit u 2 nite! Tex m3!"
"Omgggg.....Blaineeeee iz so hottttt!!! He iz only 4teen!"
"R u cumin ovr 2nite! KK! C u l8r!!"
Typing in Myspace: "So WhUt R U DoIn 2nItE? We NeEd 2 HuK uP!"
by Southern Articulator December 22, 2009
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