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Noun. Used to label a person, place, thing, or action/abstract idea that is negative in connotation. Can also be used as a deterrent from committing negative actions. Sometimes shortened to just "Tee"

A person can be labeled as a "Tee Woody" through his/her actions which are undesirable towards the labeler, or by continuously showing bad judgment.

An action can be Tee Woody by being generally stupid in nature and implementation, or undesirable to the speaker of the term "Tee Woody".

Frequently used to describe a very intoxicated state of mind.

The phrase "Tee Woody" can be used in almost any situation to describe anything from the insignificant and mundane, to the most significant events of history.

Due to overuse in the area of Dunwoody, a suburb to the north of Atlanta, the user of the phrase "Tee Woody" might be considered by some to be a douche bag if they are not familiar with the user of the phrase, and the vernacular of Dunwoody.
Example 1:

Christopher: "Yo let me hit that"
Stephen: "I don't have much left"
Christopher: "Don't be Tee Woody"
Stephen: "Alright alright here you go"
Christopher: "'Preciate it homie"

Example 2:

Christopher: "Yo let me hit that"
Stephen: "No"
Christopher: "Please"
Stephen: "I said No"
Christopher: "You're so Tee Woody"
Stephen: "Peace"

Example 3:

Stephen: "I told Christopher not to do take those pills, but he did anyways"
Greg: "What a Tee Woody"
Stephen: "I know, he was so Tee Woody Dunn Dunn"
by BernieP January 12, 2008
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