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When somebody corrects you with 'Technically,...' to get out of saying something stupid or insulting you, and you have to forgive them because they're right, even though it's extrememly annoying of them.

Technically annoying people usually know in the first place that you're going to get mad at what they say, and they also usually know that the technicality of their words gives them a free pass to say this insult/phrase to you all the time.
Jeremy: 'Haha, you're a homo.'
Samantha: 'Excuse me? I'm not gay.'
Jeremy: 'Technically, homo could mean gay OR homosapien, like you have two legs. So I wasn't insulting you.'
Samantha: 'Sorry.' *Thinking* You're technically ANNOYING. Ugh.
by PseudononymousAwesomeness December 29, 2010
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