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Team Tubera consists of the three Tubera brothers from Ceres and Modesto. Generally considerably handsome, in-shape, crazy kids in their late teens to early twenties. They reputation with the girls may be very horrible due to the fact they are straight playa but they still manage to pull the finest bitch at a kickback. They are constantly on the move and surrounded by bops (girls that just "wanna kickit"). You'll know if your at the same party as them cuz they'll be the loudest ones there and most like disappear with your lady and beat you up for trying to confront them. Their famous quote... "Down or Out" (meaning if a girl is "down" and if not she better kick rocks).
Girl, "Damn, Team Tubera hit up that kickback last nite"

Boy, "Was it crackin?"

Girl, "No fucking duh, Team Tubera was there, that shit was heaven!"
by iSTRIVE July 11, 2009
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