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a large group of very cool people from Tequila Jacks, who spend their days raging "rage". They are very good friends, and very sexy too! Everybody wants a bit of Team TJ Rage!

The act of TJ raging is unplanned and usually very spontaneous. TJ raging began in the heart of downtown Toronto & Ottawa. It's said that anybody who wants to join Team TJ rage must be by invitation only & have had completed extensive rush events (ie. parties), be of good morals, & maintain a HIGH QUALITY reputation.
Team Tequila Jacks Rage Member : Let's rage!

Non-member: Can I rage?

Team Tequila Jacks Rage: Sorry little man, leave the raging to the pros of team TJ rage.

Non-member: I guess I'll just go to a party full of tools, douche bags, and a bunch of nobodys........arghh gonna be such a sausage fest :(
by Team TJ Rage Specialist July 23, 2012
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