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Switching from class A to class B because you hear others saying how big of a bitch the teacher of class A is.
Bob: "Are you taking honors English this year?"
Tom: "Hell no man I heard the teacher wasa reall cunt waffle so I switched to AP"
Bob: "So you were teacher hopping?"
Tom: "What the hell is that?"
Bob: "look it up on urban dictionary you cock-knocking motherfucker!"
Tom: "You know what Bob fuck you! All I ever do for you is give give give!

Bob: "Oh I'm sorry, all you do is give? When's the last time you've given me a blowjob then Tom? Huh?"
Tom: "You don't fucking deserve blowjobs bob! You don't even look me in the eye in bed anymore! Are you not attracted to me anymore is that it?!
Bob: "I..
Tom: "you what? What are you bob?"
Bob:"Tom I'm pregnant..."
by Leminader September 05, 2015
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