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1.) a boss; a princess; has a check but doesn't show off because she does not intend to impress anyone. 2.) UNIQUE - very intelligent- good hearted- funny as hell. Te'Via is very indescribable everything is at random.
Te'Via is irreplaceable and everyone wishes to imitate Te'Via.
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by Te'Via December 20, 2016
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1) a princess;a boss; is a extremely attractive women but almost never is available to a man or woman that wants her. 2)This girl follows the lines of be careful who you call ugly.This girl may not start out as the best looking girl but over time is claimed the best woman alive. 3) She is available to few and if you get her don't let her go and if you do try to get her back. She could have any boy. 4) very sensual and sexual but often sensitive. 5) Tevia is amazing and not to be taken for granted. She will bring you good luck and amazing experience. 6) love her or lose her grab her quick before she becomes a woman prettier than all.
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