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BRAVEST MAN ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN OF ALL TIME. was the bass guitarist of the band turbulance but 3 weeks ago hung himself. was my best friend since the age of 2 years old. got into a drug addiction at the age of 13, got really drunk one time and attempted to rape my other best friend. I, unawheres, went out with him for ages before discovering he was in love with the friend he tried to rape. i dumped him, thinking nothing would come of it. so he went after my friend, stalked her for ages, not realising what he was doing because he wasnt sober. he pinned her up against a wall and kissed her, but she had a boyfriend and so punched him and ran for it. she broke Taylors nose. He phones her up later that week, completely sober, and asked for forgiveness. she said ok. then he made her choose between himself and her boyfriend. she picked her boyfriend, so taylor got drunk and killed himself. my friend blames herself. if your out there missing a loved one here this; dont start crying coz you miss them. dont think you can feel so sorry for yourself just coz your friend our your mum died or whatever. my friend has to live her life knowing she could have saved taylors life that night. shes carrying on, so can you. lifes tough, so get used to it.
Me; are you ok?
my friend; yes (sobs)
Me; look, its not your fault ok?
my friend; (cries loads) i miss him, i miss taylor brown
Me; so do I

dont think your grieving just coz you lost a loved one. imagin if it was you who could have saved taylors life that night
by GodBlessTaylor'sSoul October 08, 2011
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