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Tavros is a charater from the web comic Homestuck.
he is shy, and has little to no selfe confidence. he was killed by a vriska serket and when he died many fans bere sad because he was so freakin adorable! his sign is Taurus and he is the patron troll to ppl born from april 21- may 20. he has distinct typing quirks and a special color that he types in. he types in a chocolaty brown color, and he tENDS TO uHHH,,, aDD MANY uHHH,,,s IN HIS SPEECH. he types like that because he is insicure and he studders and falters in his speech/ text. for more info. visit: homestuck wiki and search for tavros nitram
tavros nitram: "wOW,,, i'M SURE THERE WAS A BETTER WAY TO SAY THAT,,,"
by taurus homestuck October 03, 2012
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