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Any number of small child which has wondered so far from his or her caretaker so that the child chances becoming the responsibility of whom ever else is shopping nearby. Since the name of the child is unknown and most likely the child isn't old enough to know their own name they become named after the store they were found in.

This may occur for several reasons:

1. The child is a space cadet (see def. of "space cadet")
2. The caretaker or parent is neglectful
3. The parent is a single parent
4. The child is a real crap head and hard to control
5. The child is child #10 of 15

Term and definition may also apply to other common department stores such as: "Walmart baby" "Walgreens baby" or "99 cents store baby."
Example 1
Customer: "Awww! He's soo cute! Who's his mother?"
Store Clerk: "I don't know... Just another Target baby."
Customer: "People just let their kids wander off like that?!"
Store Clerk: "Yeup. I get them all the time. I've had a whole multicultural family since I've been working here. Black baby, white baby, Mexican baby, Asian baby.. it don't matter."

Example 2
Guurrl: "Hey! Who dat?!"
Guy: "Idk somebody's baby y?"
Guurrl: "Well she iz Cute!

Guy: "Wonder where her muma is?"
Guurrl: "Hey y'all who baby is dis?! ... No one?! Aright!! Come hurr lil Target baby! You goin' home wit mee!
Child: "Muma!!!"
Guurrl: "Daz right! Muma! Muma luvs u!"
by The Stone Black Fox January 25, 2012
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