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The honourable Tara Browne was the individual immortalized in John Lennon's magnum opus "A Day In The Life," off the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

One evening, Browne, a member of the "Swinging London" counter-culture and heir to the Guinness fortune was driving with his girlfriend, model Suki Poitier throughout London. Some say he was exceeding speeds of 106 MPH in his Lotus Elan whilst traveling through the urban settings. Subsequently, he then sped through a recently-changed traffic signal, slamming his Lotus into a parked lorry, killing himself instantly.

Tara Browne, however, has come to fame in various other ways- most notably, slang for oral sex. A line of "A Day In The Life" is "He blew his mind out in a car," therefore "Tara Browne" is synonymous with having your mind blown out in your automobile, or blowing a gentleman whilst in his automobile.
Graham: "Oi, mate, what'd you do last night?"
Peter: "Oh, you know, went for a ride with my friend Tara Browne."
by ich bin der walrus December 21, 2006
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