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The Tao of Meh is to disregard those who are not yourself and maintain a thinly veiled disinterest in their very existence. Followers of Meh's way are different, as they will immediately sever ties with those deemed to not be useful in any way. The Tao of Meh promotes the idea of existing to validate yourself and only yourself and to pursue your desires with no regard to others. The need for others is only transient, and relationships can easily be ended based on the situation.

Existentialism + Nihilism + Hedonism + Self-importance = Tao of Meh
girl: "I want let you know I'm breaking up with you because you're a selfish prick."
guy: "As a disciple of the Tao of Meh, I see no problem with this. Also, I've been sleeping with your sister anyhow."
by Dred1342 April 17, 2008
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