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Tan privilege is very similar to white privilege but with not as many perks; it is a set of advantages and/or immunities that light skinned blacks benefit from on a daily basis over dark skinned blacks.
K: Philando Castile (a dark black man) got shot while in his car with his hands up after getting pulled over for a busted tail light because he told a cop that he was licensed to carry a firearm.

Me: I (a light skinned black man) got pulled over once for a busted tail light, drove a half mile to my destination, got out of the car immediately, confronted the officer face to face, had a pleasant conversation, got off with a warning, and went about my business.

K: You didn't get shot?

Me: I'm not that black. Tan Privilege.
by PrestoTenebroso July 18, 2016
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