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Banging ass milf that angers any woman within eyes sight of thier untrustworthy partner/man and is most defanitly a decendent of a highly intelligent aincient hybrid crossbreed of smoked out extraterrestrial royalty and a broken condom full of super junked out well mannerd best dressed hobo's smelly ass drippin dick snot.
I'm so confused, my dick is over powering my brain because my wife and I came to a huge party to enjoy together, but Tammy Rae gave me the I need to play hide and go seek out the motel 6 in south kelso room 203 cuz I'm committing adultery and most defanitly gonna have supER amazing sex that will render me into a drug induced super epic 2 year devorce cuz I hada hella indigeonous stank dick only possible by getting down and strait freaky with a horNY milf obviously with the name Tammy Rae.
by Bum niguh March 06, 2018
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