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A high school located in Mill Valley California. Home to the ultimate chillers. Known for its baller campus, bomb parties, and chillers. Definitely the best school in the district because of its G status. Everyone at Tam pretty much parties all the time, and has no trouble throwing up a T. Students spend most of their time at pearls, in n out, stefanos, the bpl, or doing nothing. Ghetto language is frequent, even though most the school is filled with the whitest kids you know.
Girl I'm tryna get to something crackin on friday? Do you know of any funcs?

Nah man but I'm sure the kids over at tam high will have something goin. Hopefully not just the stupid g-spot hitters though.
by Thighuknow January 26, 2011
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One of the worst schools in marin, tam high is complete with assholes, no parking space and horrible PE teachers that shouldn’t be allowed to teach. Everyone sucks the life out of you just like they’ll do to your juul if they catch you hitting it in the wood hall bathroom. no one is happy there is no school spirit and too many stairs. it sucks. it’s better then MC tho
- What school do you go to?

Tam High.
- Ew
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