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The act of pooping and hollowing out the poop. After doing this a man ejaculates into the hollowed out poop, filling it up all the way. The man closes up the poop and freezes it. A few hours later the man will put the poop inside of a woman's vagina until it gets soft and warm (like a cookie). The couple will then slice open the poop, let the cum ooze out and (if they feel like it) eat it, dipping the poop in the cum.
Boy: "Hi Cindy, what're you doing on Friday night?"
Girl: "Not much. What are you doing?"
Boy: "Not sure. I might just stay home and masturbate."
Girl: "Well if you're in the mood, wanna come over and make a Tallahassee Boston Cream with me?"
Boy: "Hell yeah! I've always wanted to try one of those, I hear they're really good!"
by WackyWaffleWonder May 26, 2018
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