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Taking the longest possible route to a destination. Commonly takes place in a automobile, the driver always knows many other shorter approaches to reaching your given destination, but he or she always wants to go on a road so long, painful,and depressing, that you would rather invite the Local Pedophile over to babysit your children, then be in the car with this person.

Some Common Signs From The Driver That Your About To Embark on a Longcut.

1. Signs of silence from the person driving. This may just be constipation, or fatigue, but most frequently your about to go on a 45 minute ride, when you planned on just making a quick little trip.

2. Grinning, Smiles that indicate that he or she has complete control, and is about to Rock You Like a Hurricane. ( Completley Usless Reference.)

3. He or She shows Confusion,
As if you have traveled so far away from home, that even the Driver doesnt know exactly where you might be.

All Samuel wanted to do was go to the gas station real quick and get a liter of Coke for his semi-formal "Get Together" later.....

When his ride arrived, he was assured by the driver that they were taking a shortcut,

Once this never ending endeavor began to take a trip to the gasstation, Samuel quickly relized the ultimate form of betrayal that was sitting right next to him.

" You MotherFucking Cunt ! Why the fuck are we Taking a Longcut ! "
by Endicott's LoverBoy- JMINS April 20, 2009
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