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A Tainted Tractor is a descriptive word used to describe what is commonly known as a Black Pussy. A Tainted Tractor is more of a detailed descriptive word that passes a repulsive and specific meaning as it is told from one person to another. A Tainted Tractor describes a moist, unshaven, and more or less unclean black pussy stressing the point that it is utterly discussing and a very bad place to have any open skin contact, especially penial or oral contact. Diseases are likely and include but are not limited to Herpes, HIV, Syphilis and Chlamydia. When in close proximity to a Tainted Tractor it is advised that you take extreme caution as airborne viruses such as Influenza can be passed through Vaginal Quefes.

Entomology of Tainted Tractor: Taint. To pollute comes from the Latin word Tingere and is used to pass the dirty negative part of tainted tractor and Tractor is used to passed the rugged aspect of the Phrase.
Om my I did not even think I would survive after my experience with That Hookers Tainted Tractor. Man am I lucky!
by TAMP OFFICIAL The Rob D. February 10, 2014
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