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When oral sex is performed on a male while sitting upon a bidet. The water is flushed between thine ass cheeks emulating the effect of water upon the catamaran hulls (i.e. Each ads cheek represents an individual hull and each male had two ass cheeks).
Mr. Crowley, I do say, Mrs. Addison came upon a most peculiar site the other eve. Whilst checking on the neighbors house, a natural request when one leaves town for an extended period of time, she stumbled upon two teenagers engaging in a most bizarre sexual act. if I am to understand her description clearly, she articulated that the male of the duo was perched upon the bidet whilst the perceived female was performjng fellatio upon his man sheath, or penis. I believe she called it a"Tahitian Catamaran".
by Gooeyduck January 21, 2015
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