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Tag Team DJing is practically a sport. It occurs when too many Deejays show up for the same party. Instead of playing an hour or two hour set the deejays split the time by playing three songs then rotating to the next deejay. After a deejay plays three songs they high-five the next deejay to "tag out" or "tag in". Tag Team DJing was devised as a "plan b" by the world famous B-Town DJ CO*OP as means to let every deejay in the B-town Posse get a shot at the decks, even if they were not on the flyer for the evening. If they just so happend to arrive at the party, there was always room for one more.
DJ Willow from Paris: "Remember the good ol' days at the Temple Bar when we use to play Tag Team DJ's?"

DJ SB3: "Yeah that was the shiznit! You could hang out, do some shots at the bar, smoke in the alley, and then throw down some slambient beats, tag out and then do it all over again!"

DJ Willow from Paris: "Fascinating trend we started, Eh?"

DJ SB3: "Yeah it's like wrestiling but with vinyl discs, loud booming bass and your whole "team" is there high-fiving left and right! It's a good way to share the love."

DJ Willow from Paris: "So when can I fly over to Maui for an extreme Tag Team DJ set with you? I'll bring my new sidekick, DJ YR LTTL PWNY."

DJ SB3: "Soon...REAL SOON!!!!"

DJ Willow from Paris: "Hey SB3...Tag you're it!"
by DJ Willow from Paris February 06, 2008
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