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During the act of sexual intercourse, the man and woman get into the "cowboy" position.
With the girl on top, she uses her vaginal area to squeeze the penis, and pulls up. There for "pulling" the mans "taffy".
"That girl gave me a wicked Taffy Puller last night."
by JOMOFOBLOSO October 06, 2008
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; very long pertruding vaginal lips, so long they appear Identical to the taffy on the taffy pulling machine often viewed in use at taffy shops pulling saltwater taffy.
Bocephous: Dude remember that hottie with the fat camel toe you pointed out last night at the bar?
Monte: Yea I do, why ya ask?
Bocephous: Well I tell ya what that was no camel toe, soon as I got the fucker set free it revealed its true colors! That there was a god damn Taffy Puller my friend! BTW Thanks A lot ya SOB, I still got the taste in my mouth!
by Vendetta Fist December 27, 2017
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