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noun. word used to describe ones regular once/month shag. this is someone you defiantly are interested in but they just wanna smash...occationally. this person is generally devilishly attractive with below a average social skills and/or IQ. often have low libido

can also be used as a verb.
by yokes666 June 05, 2011
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Tacon is a fake. It's a pretend bacon. It's like bacon, but without any of the flavour or wonderful artery clogging fat. It's like none alcohol beer. Sure it might be better for you, but whats the point. Do not be fooled by it. Louise might like it, but louise is wrong. Listen to martin. Pork fat rules
I can't eat this tacon, it tastes like crap
by Mc Piggy pig November 15, 2009
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