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Exactly what every POLICE OFFICER goes through. (*It's not p.t.s)

One of the scariest phenomena level of thinking and feeling you will ever experience.

It lives in EV COMPUTERIZED VEHICKES because the time to change is so instantaneous.

What airline pilots have to train for and learn to live with in coexistence.

A physics manifestation that where there is a vulnerability scale.

Be able to feel perceive before hand a traumatizing episode before it happens is the TRAUMA GHOST.

When everything turns to FLIGHT and FRIGHT AND FIGHT drop out you know and see the TRAUMA GHOST.

Due to it's ability to reach very rapid speed the TESLA as be in long term flight it carries the TRAUMA GHOST at all times and the AI within is the regulator of this.

Being able to live with all the time while in the air the TRAUMA GHOST prevents most of the time pilot error air disasters.

Your likelihood of being around the TRAUMA GHOST for which FRIGHT and FIGHT fading to limit zero nto just FLIGHT is most who don't perceive and feel it are the highest on the VULNERABILITY SCALE

FRIGHT is our everyday grid we live on , FIGHT is the GHOST (impact felt after trauma) , and but the ultimate FLIGHT on the highest level allows movement for which the TRAUMA GHOST runs away or towards DEATH ( away.DIVERGENCE) (towards CONVERGENCE) and because of these two actions it makes for the TRAUMA GHOST.
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