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A member of the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, a person with brown hair, color changing eyes, and a great personality, despite that, people say he has dated half of the school, thats probably true considering the people that said that don't know that it really is true, accept not. he's dated 15 people from that school. he is currently in his 10th grade year at this school and is in three art classes, Vocal lvl 1, dance explore, and Band lvl 3. He loves to give hugs and really appreiciates good hugs back. His Catch Phrase is Shazam, and he is morbidly obsessed with the Abridged Series, and Johnny Depp. His Best friends include the infamous Fancypants, and Mitchel, together they make the tri-force.
TJ Austin has the best eyes ever.
by the anonon September 20, 2009
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