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(THE SNEER ZONE) Is the Adjoining Sweat and Stink Pathway Gutter Between the (Female) Vagina and Butt Hole or the No Man's Land Between the Cock and Ball Sack and the Butt Hole (Male) that Accumulates the Rotten Stench and Microbes from Both Worlds (Male & Female) This is the Place where Body Oils and Shit Hole Greases Collect the place of Used Oily Dry Blood mixed with the Terrible Smell of Dirty Vagina or the Male's Smegma Fuzed with Old Urine and Dead Sperm a World Between Two World's the Garbage Patch of Skin that when You Take to Smelling It (The Sneer Zone) Is Going to Make You Puke.
Missing her cunt hole the gentleman's penis accidently slips into her butt hole instead as it sloshes, drags and mixes lovers juices and sewer sap untidily deposited as a foul syrup onto the region of skin and bone that no lover has any use for a place between here and there where disgusting odors stick where few dare to taste a place of nothingness and the putrid only worthy of an occasional scratch YOU have just entered (The Sneer Zone).
by Bluto Blundermeat July 25, 2009
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